Civil and Structural Enginering

We provide specialized civil and structural engineering solutions that integrates all components ensuring the projects are delivered on time and within budget incorporating global best-practices to create customized client solutions to both public and private sectors on a National and International basis.

Our wealth of experience in structural analysis and designs ensures versatility and efficiency. Our experienced team uses hands-on approach that guarantees Engineering specifications adherence, Quality and Cost control.

Our Services include:
• Civil/ Road Construction
• Oil and Gas Engineering
• Oil and Gas Services
• Drainages
• Bridges
• Landscaping
• Survey and Design
• Construction and Facility Management
• General Infrastructure

Alternative/Renewable Energy Solutions

We provide innovative energy solutions. Our expertise and experience over the years both in technical and non-technical services places us in a pivotal position of identifying key business risks and opportunities that builds a competitive advantage for our clients.

Clean energy and power generation is our forte; we provide an advanced solution that is inexpensive and eco-friendly generating electrical supply that has zero emissions and zero radiation which can be connected to existing energy grids and offers minimal maintenance cost.

Our services include:
• Hydro Power (Gas to Power)
• Smart Meters
• Smart Grids
• Eco-friendly Power Unit
• Energy and Industrial Process Management
• Business Case Assessment and Evaluation Consultancy
• Lithium Power Storage Systems
• Solar Systems
• Energy Monitoring Consultancy
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Oil and Gas Services

We offer services at all levels of the oil and gas value chain; ranging from exploration and production to end-user markets while optimizing profit generation. Our multifaceted team of professionals work relentlessly to provide holistic solutions that integrates social and environmental risk that eventually increases comparative advantage and clients’ satisfaction.

As an innovative company, we have strong trajectory of growth, service delivery and a robust HSE policy. We are committed to operational excellence that ensures safe and sustainable practices; undertaking complete project support by assembling project teams from inception through commissioning to post-commissioning support.
Our expertise includes, but not limited to:
• Assessment of overall conventional and unconventional gas market development (supply and demand assessments)
• Strategic options for electricity generation and environmental assessment

Sustainable Water Solutions

Safe drinking water is fundamental to life making sustainable water management an integral part of our existence. We offer a wide variety of integrated water treatment solutions that efficiently treat raw process and waste water to safe drinking water for numerous communities and is powered through renewable solar energy as its primary source.

Our treatment process assures our clients with numerous advantages with emphasis on quality assurance as well as the following:
- ATM water system that provides accuracy, records water usage and prevent excesses. - Delivering water to 99.9% free of bacteria, virus, sediments, colour and odour.

- Extract water from both surface and underground and purifies fresh, brackish and salt water.

- Eliminates the vexing and costly routine of fishing dropped submersible pumps inside wells.

- Removes the need for large array of PV panels by using DC powered reciprocating piston pumps.

- Instantly boosts water supply to the community fourfold to 20,0001/day, when fitted on an existing borehole.

- Uses only 40% of electricity produces thereby eliminating cloud cover issues and availing the remainder for use in common rooms, clinics, security posts etc.

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Consultancy/Advisory Services

We provide a broad range of consulting and engineering advisory services that aids our valued clients mitigate complex issues in areas as quality assurance, operation management, business development, sourcing solutions, manufacturing, product design and development.
Our services include:
• Feasibility, Concept and Preliminary Design Studies
• Investigations and Reports
• Concept and Design Developments
• Management and Integration of Detail Engineering activities
• Bid Documentation and Bidding Process
• Construction Contract Administration
• Construction Contractor Management

Operations and Maintenance

Our operations and maintenance services involve planning, organizing and supervising processes that results into improved businesses for higher profitability and reducing risk and cost.

Our workforce is highly skilled and experienced in undertaking both technical and non-technical services with expertise in:
• Production Support & Optimization
• On site & Remote O & M Services
• Facility Survey and troubleshooting
• Critical Engineering Risk Management
• Operations & Maintenance Training Solution
• Facilities Management:
      • Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning
      • Emergency Supply Systems
• Building Management System
• Information and Management System Expert

Rural Electrification

We incorporate innovative approaches to provide equitable access to electricity to rural and remote areas off-grid so as to boost economic activities, social and advance development.

Our infrastructural projects include grid extension, interconnected mini-grid electrification as a catalytic role in stimulating growth and reducing the adverse consequences of rural – urban migration for improved standard of living in the remote communities.

In addition, we offer non-infrastructure projects such as distribution of stand-alone systems (Solar home systems and solar lanterns).

Procurement Management

Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with key suppliers, manufacturers and service providers which has placed us on a vintage position of utilizing competitive bidding and long-term agreements in providing cost-efficient materials and services to our esteemed clients.

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